Make Your Development Process More Predictable with Jama Analyze™ and Jama Connect™

Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 10 a.m. PT

Imagine how your development process would improve if you had an enhanced understanding of how your projects were advancing from requirements definition through to build and testing.

Jama Analyze can make this a reality using data from Jama Connect and Jira Software. Join us as we’ll reveal how you can:

  1. Identify roadblocks that impact your budget, delivery date and quality
  2. Gain insight by trending and benchmarking detailed requirements and development data
  3. Use analytics to answer important questions at each stage of development
  4. Recognize a good iteration or dev process to inform future efforts

Dave Shanley

VP of Analytics,
Jama Software

Ben Easter

Solutions Specialist, Jama Software

Dave Shanley - VP of Analytics at Jama Software

As the leader of analytics, product and segment marketing at Jama Software, Dave focuses on mining the critical information residing in Jama Connect, as well as integrating data from across the wider product development value stream, for use in Jama Analyze to make product development more predictable. Prior to joining Jama, Dave was the CEO and founder of Portland-based analytics software company Notion, which was acquired by Jama in early 2018. Previously, Dave was CTO and founder of CrowdCompass, acquired by Cvent.