Agile Product Delivery Connects Your Business with Development Teams End to End

Thursday July 2, 2015 | 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific

Although Agile has been around for quite some time, larger organizations with complex product portfolios are still struggling to enjoy the real benefits across the enterprise. There are two dimensions to scaling Agile: 1) adopting strong Agile practices in the upstream by streamlining the process with the business as well as streamlining the process in the downstream with testing and operations 2) replicating what you have done and achieved successfully in isolated teams across the enterprise. Easier said than done. According to Forrester Research, scaling Agile and adopting more mature practices across the organization, though hard, is possible*.

Join Jama Software and Guest Presenter Diego Lo Giudice, VP and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, to learn actionable recommendations for successfully scaling Agile adoption across the enterprise. You’ll also learn from Jama Software how its Agile Workflow Design facilitates fluid communication without a heavy-handed process to give your engineering teams visibility upstream to the business strategies and requirements defining their sprints, participate in spec definition and review and make better decisions about their tasks.

By embracing mature agile practices across product, project and development teams, your organization can scale Agile across the enterprise to deliver better products to market faster.

* How Can You Scale Your Agile Adoption?, Forrester Research, Inc., February 5, 2014